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>I am so sick of the news. I just read a headline that said, “L.A.-Area Tsunami Could Cause Massive Damage –Study.” Oh really, Einstein? I wonder if they are going to do a study on the effects of a light rain on dirt. Something tells me it will create MUD!

It’s like there is this War of the Worlds type paranoia the media wants to create as well as telling us shit that is obvious. Gee, the sky is blue. I wasn’t aware of that. News at 11:00.

On the lighter side, I was just over at KRON Channel 4’s website and they have a poll called News You Choose. Viewers get to choose a story they will show tonight at 9:00. I chose “Dandruff: how it’s affecting our weather”. That is some hard hitting news there. I hope that’s an April Fools Day prank. The sad thing is that it probably is real.

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