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>Do not buy a boat if you cannot afford to leave it on the river during the summer nor park it in a suitable warehouse over the winter.

One of my neighbors has been playing musical parking spots on a couple of blocks over the past few months. Thank God I have a large tree preventing them from parking said watercraft in front of my house. Let’s be honest though. I would have called the city to come out and tow it once it had been parked there for over a day.

3 thoughts on “>Here’s a Little Tip

  1. Miss M

    >Yeah, that's weird. One of our old neighbors (who apparently got foreclosed upon) used to park his boat diagonally in front of his 3 car garage. It was off the street so the city couldn't say anything, but it was an interesting way to store a boat.

  2. SFChick74

    >LOL! No worries. I haven't been as prolific as in the past. Not sure why I have writer's block, but I am trying to overcome it.


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