>Here’s a jury I don’t want to be on.


I don’t understand why there is even a trial going on for this case. This dude is guilty. His blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit when he crashed head on into a car killing 4 people.
All he has said was “The truth will come out.” Which truth is that? Aliens poured 8 shots of tequila down your throat and beamed you from their space craft into your car while it was driving down the street? This whole “I won’t drive until my court date” thing is crap. It stinks of lawyer-type ploy.
It’s not like this guy just had a glass of wine at lunch. He had to have at least 8 drinks in an hour to reach the .15 blood alcohol content. Man up at admit that you are guilty.

1 thought on “>Here’s a jury I don’t want to be on.

  1. Nick

    >I like to try to keep my BAC at or around .15 at all times if I can. I fully realize that this will eventually lead to something horrific happening but if it does, I guarantee I’ll admit my wrongdoing and suffer the consequences.


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