>He Took It Out…Almost

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>File this under “Fodder for the Lawsuit”

Our new receptionist, Jackie, told me this story at lunch. She had to deliver a letter to Biff’s office and walks in on him with his pants unzipped with his hand inside his pants. Apparently, he was pulling an Al Bundy or he had to adjust his member.

The thing is that Biff’s office isn’t that private. One of his walls is all windows which open to a hall. Across the hall is another office designed like his with a wall of windows opening into the hall.

I guess it’s like those people who pick their nose in their cars thinking no one can see them, except worse.

4 thoughts on “>He Took It Out…Almost

  1. a-[e]

    >That’s odd. If he was that twisted around that it required an unzip to adjust, why not walk to the bathroom? I don’t know anyone that just sits in their office with their hand in their pants. The Al Bundy sounds like a stretch to me. You never know though. Did he zip up right away?

  2. SFChick74

    >I believe he did.

    Maybe he thought he was the only one left in the office or maybe he was drunk at the time.

  3. Sonic Reducer

    >Sounds like Biff was giving himself a boff in office…

    If it just got twisted around, he must be very proud…

  4. Nick

    >Picking your nose reminds me of snowboarding, where the competitors really enjoy doing that whenever the camera’s on them.


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