>Happy Festivus

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>Please feel free to air your greivances here. Right now, I’m feeling pretty good as I have the day off and am drinking coffee in my living room while watching Good Day Sacramento. The moment I step out the front door, however, I’m sure I’ll have something to bitch about.

5 thoughts on “>Happy Festivus

  1. Un-Named

    >I can’t wait for festivus. I’m usually good at the feats of strength and letting my family know how they’ve let me down this year.

  2. gigi

    i think someone is living above my closet ceiling in the attic space. i swear to god. there is a giant hole in the ceiling that looks like someone tried to step through. it’s disturbing. my grievance? i wish my landlord would call me back already.

    happy festivus, luv!

  3. SFChick74

    >Ok, now I’ve got a grievance:

    I’m sick of people believing everything the media feeds them. I just got an email from a family member about Christmas Tree vs. Holiday Tree. Ok, no one in their right mind calls it a Holiday Tree. I’ve never even heard that term until this year. Don’t SPAM me with crap about a war on Christmas because people have been railing against the commercialization of Christmas for DECADES. It’s not a new idea!

  4. christhestampede


    People claim individuality is a positive trait, but if someone displays individuality, they’re labeled as “strange” or “odd” or “not suitable for public.” Also, that broccoli doesn’t taste like pizza.


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