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>Voting is a great way to meet your neighbors. I went to vote at 7:00 this morning and there was a line of people waiting to get in. They hadn’t quite finished setting up. It was somewhat of a chaotic mess, but I think they got all the booths set up by the time I left.

Anyway, it was nice to stand outside and here people tell voting stories. It was kind of like when you are waiting for a show to start and you make small talk with the people around you. You talk about past shows you’ve seen, how great/bad they were, how long you have been following the band, etc.

The way we vote in my county is by connecting an arrow. It’s a paper ballot with broken arrows on it. Using a black marker, you connect the arrow that points to the candidate or yes/no for the measure to indicate your vote. It seems kind of low tech.

I remember going with my mom to vote in the 1980s. We lived back east and they had these giant voting machines. You would walk up to the machine and throw this big lever which would close a curtain behind you. You had to push down little switches to cast your vote. Then when you were done, you threw the lever and it would open the curtain and clear your votes so no one else could see them.

I thought everyone voted like that until I went to vote when I turned 18. It was not as exciting to connect an arrow as it is to push a lever or a switch.

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