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>Wooo Hooo! I just got tickets to see Cinderella on the Rock Never Stops tour. Ratt, Firehouse and Quiet Riot are on this tour too, but I don’t care. Ratt isn’t going to be the same without Stephen Pearcy. I only know one Firehouse song (Baby, Don’t Treat Me Bad). Quiet Riot might be entertaining, but I really only know a few songs of theirs. I think I am more interested to see what wig Kevin Dubrow will be wearing.

The show is at Paramount’s Great America. I haven’t been to Great America since I was a junior in high school. We went for Science Day. It didn’t matter to me. I got to go for free and got out of school for a day. I guess we were supposed to be studying the velocity of the rollercoasters or some such crap. I just had fun.

Tonight, I might have to make a trip to Sacramento. The Atomic Punks are playing up there. They put on a great show, especially for a tribute band. I mean who doesn’t enjoy classic Van Halen? I challenge you to listen to Unchained. If it doesn’t put you in a good mood, then there is no help for you. 😉

Recommended listening:

Cinderella – Long Cold Winter
Van Halen – Fair Warning, Van Halen I & II

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  1. Nick

    >One of the greatest days of my adolecsent life is when my friend Peter figured out and taught me to play the beginning of Unchained on his electric guitar. We rocked and you couldn’t stop us.


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