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>I was running some errands this evening and saw an angry black cloud in the distance as the sun was setting. It looked like it was going south of where I was driving. There were a few drops here and there when suddenly the rain just started DUMPING. I have never seen it rain that hard. It scared the hell out of me when it hit the car. I thought a tree branch fell on the roof. I could barely see the road. The water was hitting the ground so hard that the splashes covered up the speedbumps. The hail came down and it was all I could do to get over to my parents’ house.

Then just as suddenly as it started, the rain stopped. I don’t know if it’s global warming or if the weather is just odd around here.

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  1. mini-vinnie-me

    >We have rain like that here in Melbourne. We’ve had a lot over the last week or so, mainly with summer storms, but even though its not ‘normal’ rain, it’s far from rare.
    And secretly, it’s amazing with storms…I love it.
    I just hope no damage comes with it.

  2. FreedomGirl

    >People say it rains a lot here in the PNW….thats true. But I always argue the quality of the rain. Here, it is what I call “pitty-pat” rain…but in Sac, I call it “sheet” rain…sudden, drenching, bucketfuls, NOT drops. Nobody here seems to understand what I’m talking about. Same with fog…these people have NO IDEA.

  3. christhestampede

    >If I didn’t heed the “SF” in your name, I’d say you were in Disney. My first day there, sunny and GORGEOUS, I wondered why everyone walking around had ponchos with them. Around 1:00, the henceforth cloudless sky erupted into a furious downpour, that ended around 1:15. This happened EVERY day (at about the same time) the entire week. (We’d picked up ponchos by the second day and carried them with us everywhere.)

    PS: And yes, my friend does need his balls back. I appreciate the support.


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