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>This year, Sacramento implemented a new color coding system for restaurants and other retail establishments that serve or sell food. You would think it’s a fairly simple system. There are only three colors to indicate levels of compliance: Green, Yellow, and Red.

According this this article in the Bee and the county’s own website, businesses can get a Green placard even with one major violation. So, the major violation is corrected while the inspector is there and a Green placard is issued. Who is to say that the violation will not be repeated once the inspector is out the door? Are there surprise follow up visits to ensure continued compliance? Green to me means all clear, not mostly clear.

Oh yeah, and if they give Mandango’s in Sacramento a Green, then the whole thing is bogus. When I ate there in October, I got food poisoning and so did one of the gals who had lunch with me.

Feel free to click here to see how your neighborhood restaurants fared.

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