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>In the words of John McEnroe: You have got to be kidding me!

There is no way that Ronald Reagan should be listed in the TOP Five Greatest Americans. You mean to tell me that Thomas Jefferson, the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence is less great than Ronald Reagan? What the hell did Reagan do? He outspent the Communists. Whoop De Doo! He also was involved in the Iran Contra scandal although he claims not to have remembered anything. He also screwed over California when he was Governor. He is the reason we have so many homeless people roaming the streets. He basically shut down all of the state hospitals that helped the mentally ill. Thanks Ronnie!

What about Thomas Edison? The light bulb is pretty worthy if you ask me. Where is Susan B. Anthony? Getting women the right to vote is important. Heck, even Henry Ford would make more sense. What about any of the other people etched into the moutain in South Dakota not already in the top five or previously listed here?

The Discovery Channel is just trying to get some damn ratings. It’s like those stupid count down shows on VH1. I hate those things. They always piss me off. Let’s throw in Nirvana just to get the kids to watch. It’s the same thing. Let’s thrown in Reagan to stir up the pot. Then people will watch our unoriginal show.

5 thoughts on “>Greatest American?

  1. Mateo

    >just another example of people catering to republicans instead of doing the right thing and putting superdemocrat FDR (led us out of the depression and WWII!) or JFK (who everybody loves.

  2. Michael

    >That’s not that bad. On the Canadian version, one of the top 10 was a xenophobic tv hockey commentator who’s claim to fame is wearing loud shirts and calling the french pansies. Almost 140 years of Canadian history and this is one of our most important people?


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