>GOP Senators Introduce Eavesdropping Bill – Yahoo! News

>The Republicans need to lay off the crazy pills and read the damn Constitution again. It’s called the Bill of Rights, specifically the 4th Amendment. Every American citizen, whether they are criminals or not, are entitled to them. It’s a very simple concept. The government can’t search an American citizen’s persons, houses, papers, and effects (this includes communications) without a warrant.

Why isn’t anyone else getting angry? Is it just because I’m an angry person? Seems to me that if the government is trying to take away the rights of it’s citizens, that is a justifiable reason to get a little pissed off. I’m probably on some list somewhere as a threat to national security, what with me espousing my beliefs in the Bill of Rights and all.

3 thoughts on “>GOP Senators Introduce Eavesdropping Bill – Yahoo! News

  1. tsduff

    >I think everybody IS angry – it just seems like there isn’t any way to espouse the anger! What can we all do about it other than rant on our blogs and protest? Writing to the government or congress person doesn’t do diddley. I’m at a loss.


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