>Google case boosts furor over US privacy threats – Yahoo! News

>I heard about this while watching Conan O’Brien. How the hell did I miss it in the news?

I was just reading the law and it seems to only apply to sites that have sexual content. What about violence? If I had kids, I’d rather my children accidentally stumble on to a porn site than one where there are scenes depicting people getting beat up or being tortured.

Regardless, the law is stupid. Why don’t parents just monitor what their kids are doing?

I don’t know about you, but unless you are specifically looking for porn, odds are you are not going to find it. And I know this might be news to some parents, but at some point your children are going to become curious about sex. Even before the advent of the Internet, teens were stumbling across sexually explicit material, sometimes on purpose.

Google needs to stand firm and not let the government have the search information. If they need evidence to make their case that the COPA is constitutionally valid, let them do their own search and print out the results. They don’t need to know what I’ve been searching for on the Internet. That’s my own business.

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