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>Not only did these guys kill someone’s pet, but they put it in a noose and hung it up on the side of a road for the world to see. This act does not fall into the sport hunting category, neither was the cat a nusisance to one of their homes.

These guys are just psycho. No one in their right mind would hurt an animal like they did. And where are their parents/families? I’m not saying their parents are completely to blame, but the parents need to take some sort of responsibility. They need to see that their kids are crying out for help.

My blood really has been boiling these past few days. There must be a full moon or something.

2 thoughts on “>Get Therapy Now

  1. Mike Abernathy

    >Well, if I have your sign right (far from certain), then yesterday’s horoscope was something like:
    The stars are here to let you know that all emotions are running on high — and yours are no exception. They’ll also inspire you to speak exactly what’s on your mind, in no uncertain terms.Does that fit? I think todays is something similar too. LOL


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