>Get a freaking grip, people.

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>Is the world really going to end just because a same sex couple gets married come June 17th?

Smart people will see an opportunity. What government wouldn’t want a new income stream in these trying times?

Heck, a whole new cottage industry could spring up as a result of the California Supreme Court’s ruling. Just think of the money that could be made catering to same sex couples. New variations of old marriage traditions could be created and sold to an as yet untapped market. Or better yet, new traditions can be created for a new way of thinking about what makes a family.

1 thought on “>Get a freaking grip, people.

  1. ajooja

    >An overwhelming majority of people think gay couples should be able to have some sort of legal, civil union. I just don’t understand why the word “marriage” gets people so fired up.

    It’s just a word.


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