>Ga. Schools to Close Two Days to Save Gas – Yahoo! News

>This is kind of a good idea. I would have LOVED to get two bonus days off from school. Can we implement this nationwide and apply it to adults? Everyone has to stay at home two days a week each month in order to save gas. That would be awesome! We could get the first and last Wednesdays off. If you make it during the middle of the week, people will be more inclined to just stay home. Otherwise, they are going to plan vacations and roadtrips around the bonus days. Heck, I’m all for federally mandated paid time off. I think this should be in the constitution or something. In order to save gas, everyone has to stay at home during the first and last Wednesdays of the month. Genius!

I know it won’t work. I’m just looking for any excuse to sleep in, sit on the couch watching HGTV and generally do nothing. The problem is that there is a percentage of the population who just can’t seem to catch on to the “do nothing” attitude. Crack addicts, psychopaths, and lawyers always seem to be busy doing something. Just sit down and relax, people!

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