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>Since I’m going to Vegas in a few days, I was wondering about what is allowed and what is not allowed in my carryon luggage. I don’t want someone taking away my bottle of vodka because I hadn’t read the TSA list.

Take a look next time you are about to embark on a journey. Why would toy transformer robots be on this list? And who the hell is taking a cattle prod with them on the plane? I really wonder about people sometimes. I try to travel with as little as possible. It’s not like you are falling off the face of the earth. Most destinations in the US have stores. Buy your cattle prod when you get there!

The airport has always been a nightmare to deal with, and now it’s even more so. Granted, I understand the need for the paranoia, but it’s still annoying. Now I not only have to make sure that I don’t wear any jewelry, I have to make sure I wear the right bra? How the hell is an underwire a threat to national security?

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