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>Can someone explain to me why I bother to read my horoscope? Here’s mine for today:

Gemini: One never knows what might come along during your workday, but there’s no cause for alarm. Powerful friends — the kind you cultivated for the purest of motives — will be only too happy to help you handle whatever comes along.

You know what really bugs me…when people whistle in the office. I don’t mind some whistling every now and then, but there are some rules to follow. First of all, if you are going to whistle, whistle something we can all recognize. Whistle something happy. Whistle in tune, for Christ’s sake. And don’t whistle all the freaking time…it’s one thing to whistle once in a while, but every day is way too much. No one needs to be constantly aware of your presence. You are not that important.

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  1. 8ZERO8

    >Nobody enjoys whistling more than the whistler.

    I hate it when assholes don’t put their cellphones on vibrate. DEATH!


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