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>I’m not one to fear Friday the 13th, but there is something strange in the air today. I’m just sitting here, minding my own business when one of our old receptionists, Fiona, drops in. I hid in my office. I can’t stand this woman. I used to think she was dumb, but my boss John says that she just came in high most of the time. She is completely nuts.

Here are some examples:

Fiona has one kid, a son. When she started working at the office, the kid was 4 years old. He wasn’t potty trained yet, he was still in diapers.

Once she was at lunch for two and a half hours. She came back claiming that she was in a car accident. Her car wasn’t damaged that I could see. If she really was in an accident, why didn’t she just go home or to the hospital and call us instead of coming back to the office?

She came to our company Christmas dinner with a date who was once a man, but had become a woman. The Adam’s Apple was a dead give away. No amount of foundation can cover that up. The strange part was that this person was a gynecologist.

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