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>Because I couldn’t find anything else on, I stumbled across a re-run of last season’s American Idol on the Fox Reality Channel. I’m just looking for Bo Bice’s performance. Although I do have to say I enjoy Anthony Federoff’s rendition of “I Want to Know What Love Is” .

Anyway, they ran an ad about casting for their new show. One of them is called Double or Nothing:

DOUBLE OR NOTHING is a new series for FOX REALITY that follows one incredible risk-taker who plans the gamble of a lifetime by selling everything he or she owns to make one epic bet on a roulette wheel’s red or black.

Like Wesley Snipes said in Passenger 57, “Always bet on black.”

Right on, it’s Bo Bice singing “Whipping Post”! He really needs to have songs more like this on his next album. His current album is too boring for me. It’s way too safe pop music. Bring on the rock star. That’s why I like to watch him.

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