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>The one thing I don’t like about a big city is that there is a higher ratio of sketchiness. The area I work in is mostly residential, so it’s normal to see people walking around in casual clothes, sometimes with a dog in tow. Next door is another business whose clients have a difficult time finding the front door. So, it’s normal to have someone randomly walk in to the wrong place, once in a while.

Today, a guy walked in. He didn’t look homeless, nor was he wearing a business suit. He was wearing a black Raiders coat and black pants. He started to walk into the Ladies’ Room.

People almost never see me in my office, even though I have these huge picture windows for one wall. I came out of my office and said, “Can I help you?” This startled him and he said, “I just need to use the bathroom.”

“Well, that’s the Ladies’ Room.” Then he proceeds to the correct door. Most people don’t just wander into an office and use the restroom. Sometimes though, there are times where an emergency arises. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, up to a point.

He goes into the restroom and doesn’t completely shut the door while he is using the facility. Right away, alarm bells start rining in my head. I head back to find my boss. I just want to let someone else know that a random has entered the building.

I was standing at the printer trying to keep an eye on the guy while also trying to look busy. Raider Jacket then sticks his head out, “Ma’am, is there any toilet paper? There isn’t any in here.”

No toilet paper in the bathroom? I find that difficult to believe, so I run back to my boss’ office, pretending to look for t.p. and tell him what’s going on. He walks up there, tells the guy (who still has the door open a smidge) that there is toilet paper right behind him. My boss then closes the door and says, “If he’s not out of there in 2 minutes, call the police.”

After a minute 30 of odd flushes and random turns on of the fan, I decide to call the police. As I am describing what is going on to the police, the guy finally saunters out the door.

I should have said, “The restrooms are for clients only. Are you here to meet someone?” The problem with me is that I avoid confrontation. I’m afraid of what someone will do if provoked. I don’t want to end up on the evening news.

A note: The randoms are out today, in spite of the rain.

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