>Flu shots are for fools

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>My dad went and got a flu shot. Now he's sick with the flu and he passed it along to a few other people. So far I am not one. (knock on wood)

Seriously, why are people letting drug companies lure them into taking crap that is useless? The flu virus mutates so quickly that a vaccine is pointless.

A doctor told me that a while ago and while mostly I think doctors are quacks, this person seemed to have a bit more common sense than other MDs.

The little corner of my mind filled with conspiracy theroies says that its a way for people to be tracked and controlled, but I think old fashioned greed is a more realistic motivation for making people believe they need useless pharmaceuticals.

2 thoughts on “>Flu shots are for fools

  1. SFChick74

    >Another thing I’m pretty sure of is that doctors don’t know enough about how viruses actually mutate and replicate for any kind of vaccine to be effective. Medicine still fills a little medieval to me.


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