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Item: Lindsey Lohan to have surgery to remove appendix – This is the most well adjusted thing about Lindsey to hit the news in a while.

Item: Demi Moore says kids with Kutcher a possibility – Don’t you have 3 kids already? Are the movie roles really drying up so quickly that you have to say crazy things just to get your name in the paper?

Item: Spears falls asleep in Vegas nightclub – Passed out is more likely.

Item: “How I Spent Xmas,” by Ben & Jen, Brangelina and Kid Rock – Working backwards: Drunk, In some Third World Country and Who Cares?

Item: Seacrest hopes to kiss Aguilera on TV – Remember when Britney was less trashy than Christina?

4 thoughts on “>File this under: Why is this news?

  1. gigi

    >i had to google “ben & jen” because i didn’t know who that was… i thought to myself, “but ben affleck and j-lo broke up years ago.”

  2. SFChick74

    >Gigi – LOL! My point exactly. Jennifer Garner is pretty much off the radar nowadays.

    Butchie – She’s in her 40s I think, but might be almost 50.

    Timmy – Maybe it was just me. I always thought Britney was more wholesome than Christina. Now, Christina looks like the well adjusted adult and Britney just looks like a mess.


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