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>I wake up this morning to the news telling me that I have to shut off my air this evening. What the hell? Apparently, the West Nile Virus is getting out of hand. 21 people are infected as well as some sentinel chickens. What the hell is a sentinel chicken? Is it a robot chicken or something?

Anyway, they are spraying malathion or some kind of RAID over a giant part of the city. And of course, I happen to live in the red zone. Luckily, it’s not as hot today as it has been over the past few days. It only got up to 97 today. It cooled off almost 10 degrees.

I thought the West Nile scare was a little overblown. All I’d heard about were flu-like symptoms. What I failed to hear, but read on the above linked site, is that WNV causes encephalitis or brain swelling. Shit! Spray the damn bug spray. I don’t need more brain issues.

I’ve already been exposed to accidental refinery “releases” and toxic mold. What’s a little DDT among friends? Needless to say, I was scared into shutting off my air conditioning. I figure if I drink enough wine tonight, I won’t notice the heat. I’ll just pass out in bed and wake up when the all clear has been sounded.

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