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>”Many people ask me…Fabio, can there be another Fabio? The answer is No.”

I’m sure people queue up around the block just to ask Fabio that question.

I’ve only watched 5 minutes of this show and it’s like watching tryouts for the Chippendales, except Chris Farley isn’t around for comic relief.

More words of wisdom:

“People say to me…Fabio, what makes Italian men so romantic? It’s not being Italian that makes you romantic. It’s being romantic that makes you romantic.”

The credits say that this TV show is created by Gene Simmons. Is that the same guy from KISS or is it just a coincidence?

3 thoughts on “>Fabio Quotes of the Day

  1. SFChick74

    >I just had to add:

    One of the mimbos just said that he had to poll women about what they look for in a man. The target demographic (big word) was age 25-30, “So, basically your MIDDLE AGED woman.”

    I guess I’m almost ready for retirement.

  2. SFChick74

    >This is from a reality show called Mr. Romance. It’s a total train wreck and I’ve been sucked into watching it.


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