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>I admit it. I watched Extreme Makeover last night. I feel awful. ABC sucked me in because they teased me with a bit of Tom Keifer from Cinderella. Of course he was on during the last 10 minutes of the show and only for a minute or so. I suppose he has a solo album coming out and needs to promote it.

David, the guy getting the extreme makeover supposedly wanted to be a rock star (what guy doesn’t?), so they bring in Tom Keifer to play a song with him during his recovery. David didn’t look much different to me at then end of his ordeal. He looked better, but anyone looks tons better with a new hair cut, a new wardrobe, and a giant dose of self-esteem.

We all know Eric Brittingham had his own extreme makeover. I saw Cinderella at Shoreline when they were on tour with Poison a few years ago. There was some dude with short dark hair was playing the bass. I kept thinking “Who’s the new hot guy in the band?” Just goes to show you what a new haircut/style can do for a person.

Regardless, Extreme Makeover is a stupid show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a makeover, but some of the surgeries the “candidates” get are unnecessary. The first person they showcased was a young woman named Amy. She really only needed a new hairstyle, makeup tips, new clothes, dental work, and some help for the scarring she had from acne. What she didn’t need was a boob job, and of course she got one.

I don’t understand why these chicks get their boobs done. Unless a woman has had cancer, been in an accident, or had some other medical issue wherein she lost a portion/all of her boobs, enhancement to them is not needed. Get a good bra.

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