>’ET’ Snares Rights to Letourneau Wedding – Yahoo News

>I shouldn’t even be commenting on this since it’s so disgusting. However, if this was a man marrying a girl he molested/raped the country would be UP IN ARMS. There would be no Entertainment Tonight coverage. How is this entertaining? Maybe if you’re a sicko.

The article says they met when Vili Fualaau was 7 years old and started having sex when he was 12. Mary Kay Letourneau is 22 years older than him. That’s just wrong! Michael Jackson is on trial for doing the same thing to a kid. I highly doubt that if he is convicted (like she was) there will be coverage on Entertainment Tonight of the two of them celebrating the relationship when MJ is released from prison.

And what about her kids from her previous marriage? I feel sorry for them. Their mom needs mental help, which she obviously didn’t get, and instead her psychosis is splashed all over the newspapers.

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