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>My sister is pregnant and might have that diabetes that pregnant women get. What’s ironic is that she is probably the healthiest person I know. She’s slim, works out, eats well balanced meals. My mom thinks it happened because she worries too much about getting fat. She said that my sister just needs to stop worrying about her weight.

I told her that if my sister ever figures out how to stop worrying about getting fat to let me and the rest of the women in the world know. Maybe I’m dumb, but doesn’t every single woman worry about being/getting fat?

3 thoughts on “>Dumb Stuff

  1. Nölff

    >If she has diabetes, she won’t have to worry about getting fat. I know. I’d love to eat a chocolate cake, but I can’t.

  2. Nick

    >I worry about getting fat and I’m not even a woman (I don’t care what my brother says). btw, if she’s pregnant and never gets fat, now THAT’s a story.

  3. tsduff

    >Yeah – right… how can worrying about your weight MAKE you fat? tee hee… I’d be 1000 lbs if that were true…


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