>Drug agents can’t keep up with pot growers – Yahoo! News

>The whole war on drugs thing is stupid, especially when it comes to marijuana. Marijuana needs to be regarded like alcohol. People are going to smoke it whether it’s legal or not. The government might as well wise up and legalize it. Can you imagine the tax revenue that could be generated? Plus the crime rate would go down.

But then again, when the majority of people seem to be afraid to let gay people getting married, rational thinkng won’t sit well with them on this issue either. They’d probably dig up some obscure Bible passage that quotes Jesus as saying that smoking pot is wrong.

4 thoughts on “>Drug agents can’t keep up with pot growers – Yahoo! News

  1. Jay

    >In my opinion, Mary Jane should be legalized. Instead of spending a ton of money busting growers, they could tax it make some money. Maybe even donate a percentage of it to schools for education. It may even bring in more revenues for the schools than the lottery program. 🙂

  2. SFChick74

    >Jay, I agree. It’s no more deadly or addictive than alcohol. In fact, I think I remember reading that it’s actually less addictive than alcohol.

    It’s just another way for the government to keep the masses afraid of something stupid instead of fixing the real problems.


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