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>My sister better feel loved because there aren't many people I would do this for. I really miss sleeping in my own bed. Luckily she'll be back tomorrow.

It is giving me a chance to check out the East Sac side of town since that is where I'm moving to next month.

One drawback is the lack of a decent grocery store. Savemart sucks ass. Trader Joes isn't a real grocery store. It's more of a specialty store. And Safeway is going downhill, not to mention that the one at Howe & Fair Oaks is a tiny half store. I guess there is always Corti Bros. But again a bit small for regular shopping.

Can someone let the real estate people at Raleys or the Nugget know that a prime opportunit awaits them in this area?

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  1. uneasy rhetoric

    >There’s always the Safeway at 30th and J (not a great option either), and there’s a Comptons on McKinley around 41st, but it sounds like you’re east of CSUS. There really isn’t much out there, although if you go up Folsom about a mile or so past Howe/Power Inn, there’s a Raleys.


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