>The Dog Barks at Midnight

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>One of my remaining neighbors has two little dogs of the terrier variety. Could someone explain to me why these dogs bark so goddamn much? And how can anyone in their right mind stand that noise? The owners must be deaf.

Those dogs bark when a freaking slug crawls onto the sidewalk out of the lawn. They are two stories up, but some how they sense the movement and feel the need to alert the neighborhood.

Then I got to thinking…Do dogs ever lose their bark? Do they go hoarse? I’ve heard these dogs bark for five minutes STRAIGHT. That’s a long damn time and still they didn’t lose their bark.

Try speaking (or yelling) non-stop for five minutes. If someone doesn’t throw a shoe at you, you are probably home alone.

1 thought on “>The Dog Barks at Midnight

  1. Toad734

    >My terrier doesnt bark, and my terrier could shut those terriers up rather quickly, so what I am saying is get a big American Pitbull Terrier to teach these dogs a lesson, and let them know whos boss.


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