>Disney World Ride Reopens After Teen Scare – Yahoo! News

>This has to be one of the worst written articles I’ve seen this year.

Deacon’s illness came a month after a 4-year-old Pennsylvania boy, Daudi Bamuwamye, died after riding another Disney World attraction, Epcot’s “Mission: Space.” That ride is so intense that it has motion sickness bags and several riders have been treated for chest pain. An elderly, diabetic woman also died in February after riding the Magic Kingdom’s “Pirates of the Caribbean,” but the medical examiner said her death “was not unexpected.”

That lady died because she was old and diabetic, not because of the ride! But, I guess you could say a pirate’s life wasn’t for her.

Regardless, from what I saw of the ride in Disneyland a few months ago, it’s not scary. In fact, you are barely strapped into the ride. There is like a 1965 seat belt that keeps you in your seat. There is obviously more to the “16 year old had a coronary on a Disney ride” story. Did the girl already have a condition? Was she extremely overweight? Did she have a virus of some type?

2 thoughts on “>Disney World Ride Reopens After Teen Scare – Yahoo! News

  1. Lee Housefly

    >16 year old who couldn’t take a disney ride without kicking it? One less of them, one more of us.

    I mean… I don’t want to sound cold or cruel, or like I don’t care. But that’s the way I am so it just keeps coming out like that lol


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