>Did I Fall Asleep in Front of the TV?

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>I was just watching X-Men 2 and a Proactiv commercial comes on. Who is now on the celebrity list with the likes of Judith Light, Vanessa Williams, and Jessica Simpson? P. Diddy, Puff Daddy or whatever name he has given himself this week. It’s about right for the way this week had been going.

Shirley, a woman at my company, left about two months before I started. We found out two days ago that she is coming back. Fortunately, she won’t be working with anyone in my office directly. Oddly, her new position is ultimately a promotion. This woman was days away from being fired. Almost no one would work with her, and the day she left there were a fair amount of people rejoicing. She treated her staff and co-workers like crap. At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from the rumbling the news has created. Basically, the vibe in the office is not a good one.

I swear it has to do with that comet dust that NASA brought back to earth. Did they not see Night of the Comet?

2 thoughts on “>Did I Fall Asleep in Front of the TV?

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