>Dick Cheney: Sore Thumb

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>Is it really that hard to find something warm to wear and still look dignified? I could understand if he had nothing else to wear, but give me a break. He’s got more money than I do and I could still pull off a more distinguished look than that green parka with my Target/KMart budget.

The hat is really the kicker. I think he looks like a Green Bay fan when they lost to the Vikings a few weeks ago. Seriously, bring on the foam cheese hat while you’re at it.

There is no excuse for looking like a he was “operating a snow blower.” He obviously just doesn’t care. Is that the wife sitting next to him in that picture? What the hell? Can’t she tell her husband that he looks like a dumbass? Holy Lord, he even has hiking type boots on. Deliver me from LL Bean.

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