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>Have you seen this train wreck? J. Peterman is ballroom dancing on primetime television. Wait, Evander Holyfield is also dancing and since I’m pretty sure he’s not reading this, doesn’t really seem to be able to dance. Light on his feet, he is not. Right now, I’m watching him dance a jive. It’s actually better than when he did the quickstep. There was nothing quick about him clunking around the dancefloor.

Actually, the worst dancer has to be the chick from General Hospital. I think she could give Elaine Bennis a run for her money. General Hospital chick is all jerky and brittle as one of the judges put it. “A bit of musicality, please!”

The only reason I’m watching this show, aside from the train wreck value, is because I enjoy Joey from the New Kids on the Block.

Is there any way Rachel Hunter can not look like trash? Sheesh. Who picks out her outfits? She has this odd pink and black dress on with her hair in a SIDEWAYS ponytail. Is that a nod to the Stacy’s Mom video or what? Holy Lord! They just showed her without makeup. She’s got no eyebrows!

What is with these music choices. They just showed last week’s episode and some couple did the Rumba to that Enrique Iglesias song, Hero. Now Rachel Hunter and her partner are doing the tango to some strange pop song.

This show can’t hold a candle to Strictly Ballroom…New steps, new steps, new steps!

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