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>When I went out to fix my satellite dish yesterday morning, a distinctive aroma hit my nose and I flew into a panic. Granted, I was outside, but I really didn’t need to be on the evening news should some errant spark find its way onto my patio.

Living in earthquake country, one should always know how to shut off a gas line. Being 50 miles from the nearest known fault line, I lulled myself into a false sense of security and didn’t know how to flip the switch when I was out on the patio.

While on the phone with the emergency maintenance guy (who could do nothing but complain about how he wasn’t supposed to have the pager), I finally remembered my quake safety training and saw the offending pipe. Dante (as I will call him) the non-emergency maintenance guy, kept calling the gas line a freaking wire or a tube. Seriously, he tried to suggest that I relight the thing myself.

Since the regular guy doesn’t work after 5 on Friday, I had to live without hot water and heat all weekend.I would have called PG&E, but they were a bit busy trying to right all the downed power lines and clear the debris of fallen tree limbs.

The property management FINALLY came and fixed the gas leak caused by my water heater this morning. I left them two messages on Sunday, both of which they never returned. They weren’t busy trying to clean up storm debris. They are just incompetent.

Did I also mention that my satellite dish is damaged and doesn’t get a signal? I bought an antenna to try and get an over the air HD signal. We’ll see how it turns out.

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