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>My boss “John” got one of those voicemail messages where the person didn’t realize they hadn’t hung up the phone and you could hear their conversation. It was from the guy who cleans the fish tank every week. Now, I swear I remember this guy telling me that he has a wife, but apparently he swings both ways or I misunderstood about the wife.

The conversation starts off with the Fish Tank Guy telling his “friend” about my boss’ voice and how great it is. Then he starts describing what John looks like, “boyish face, tall, great skin, always tan…All American good looking, you know the kind you want to keep (kiss?) forever.”

It gets even more embarrasing. The Fish Tank Guy starts telling his friend about how he would like to happen upon John in the office one day all by himself. At this point I was cringing and laughing so much, I didn’t want to hear anymore.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do when the guy comes to clean the fish tank again. I won’t be able to look at him without bursting into laughter.

3 thoughts on “>Crush on you…

  1. Mike Abernathy

    >Wow, there’s a lot of emotions in that one.

    I find myself almost sick with pity for the poor guy. I can’t imagine how mortified I would be to be in his shoes when he figures out that it got heard.

    Then there’s the laughter. Wow – that one is going to be the gift that keeps on giving for years. What a story! LOL

    Then there’s a slight pity for you – cause you’re going to have to face the guy and try and maintain some assemblance of a straight face…..

  2. SFChick74

    >I totally feel bad for the guy. We all have that paranoia about the phone not hanging up completely and our conversation ending up in the wrong hands.


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