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>I could write about how it would only see logical that a government sponsored entity would have alot of regulation by said government. Apparently, this article in Yahoo News tells me that I am wrong in my assumption.

I could write about how dumb it is for someone to freak about about the well-being of their bank especially if they have under $100,000 in their checking account. It’s called the FDIC, moron. No need for a bank panic or banic as I like to call it.

There needs to be a major overhaul of the lending rules and probably the financial sector as a whole, but that’s not what I’m really interested in at the moment.

I’m wondering what the hell happened to Carrot Top? I saw a commercial for the next episode of Last Comic Standing and he makes a guest appearance. He got all yoked out, but now it looks like the ‘roids are raging all over his face. Does he have a medical condition of some sort? Why is his face bloated?

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