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>I really wonder about these people who post certain types of classified ads on craigslist or anywhere else for that matter. They all basically say the same thing. They are usually looking for a one night stand. I guess these people can’t find what they want in real life so they put it out there anonymously on the Internet. Maybe it’s all just one guy posting stuff trying to see how gross he can be.

People can do whatever they want behind closed doors, I don’t care. I just find it amusing that people actually post stuff like “Large cock, attached to a cute guy with a nice body, wants to unload on your creamy tits. Large or small. Suck, slap, strock, slopper on my cock and put it anywhere you would like. Love to give, as much as, recieve. 33, attractive, swm.” Yeah right he’s attractive. If he really were he would be able to find a chick to sleep with and not have to resort to posting an ad on craigslist. And you know what, dude, the mis-spellings are not going to help your cause.

Here is another example:“I dont care about size, looks, race, color or creed…I just ask that you are clean…disease free….have an open mind…and want to be licked, sucked, stuck and f*ked….by a late 30’s good looking white male of course!” I’m sure he’s good looking, but he’s missing half of his face. And sure he doesn’t care about looks…but if some chick came over weighing 400 lbs something tells me this guy might not be so receptive to a little lovin’.

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