>Craigslist Posting: Restaurant Manager Seeks Fun

>Well as the post implies I am a restaurant manager, I am 22, and from Sacramento (borderline Rancho Cordova). I manage a restaurant in Citrus Heights and work 10 – 11 hr days, 5 days a week so don’t get out much. Beyond that moved here last year and have been a workaholic for that last year so don’t know too many people up here. Just looking for some friends to hang out with or possibly a friend with benefits style relationship would be cool. 6’1, 180 lbs, blue eyes, brown shaved head, into various kinds of music, sports, etc. Also love to chat so hit me up if interested. I do have a webcam so if you have one of those an extra special bonus.

And of course, he’s got a picture of himself flipping the bird. Do you think he thinks women actually find that attractive? Of course, he counters it with a photo of himself quasi-praying. I’m not really sure what the third picture is all about. He really should have a photo of himself wearing the requisite cock-eyed baseball cap. That has to be one of the more stupid fashion trends I’ve seen. If you really want to look like a dufus, wear your baseball cap crooked.

5 thoughts on “>Craigslist Posting: Restaurant Manager Seeks Fun

  1. Nick

    >No kidding about the baseball cap. That’s such a stupid look. I like making fun of that look by going the extra mile and turning the hat a full 90 degrees. Ebonics generally accompany that move to round out the fun.

  2. christhestampede

    >You know what’d be REALLY cool? Is if his hat was cock-eyed, and his SHIRT COLLAR was flipped up! Those guys are the COOLEST! (Do you have the fad out there in CA, because it’s a little too plentiful in MD. Store manakins are starting to sport the look; I go into the store just to put the collars down…)

  3. SFChick74

    >I haven’t seen the collar flip, but I’m probably just distracted by the lame hat.

    It’s not jauntily askew, it makes you look like an idiot.


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