>I saw this at work and thought it would be flagged and taken down by the time I got home. Strangley enough, it’s still up:

Date: 2005-10-16, 12:17PM PDT

Do you have a missing limb due to an unfortunate shark encounter, overseas service, or other circumstances? Do you want to make a lot of cash fast? Do you want to participate in an exciting art piece? You have that chance now!

I will pay a shark bite amputee $500.00 to get a 4”x4” tattoo of a gruesome shark on his or her amputated limb. I will pay for the tattoo. Credible documentation will be needed before receiving the full cash prize. Receive an extra 100.00 if you have an amputated arm rather than a leg. This is a serious offer. Serious responses only please.

I don’t understand what the requester gets out of this. Some weird thrill? People are getting weirder and weirder.

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