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>needs to go fastpaintball gun. tippman model 98 with everything included. $80 6 super nintendogames 25$ i NEED to get rife of this stuff my mom is kicking me out and this money will pay for my food and…w/e i need to survive for the next couple of days.

Wow. I wonder what this guy considers as surviving. If he’s lucky, he’s going to get $105. That may or may not buy a tank of gas.

Come and get my Nick Nacks Please! A few cables, a USB cable and a cel phone ear piece, nice red pillow that needs the buttons fastened on and 2 oil canvas 1 square and 1 oval – would be good to paint over if youre an artist. email me if you want this SUNDAY ONLY or im trashing it thanks

Uh, nicknacks are things like the scary Hummel figurine Aunt Tilly gave you for Christmas one year, that snowglobe you bought on your trip to the Mall of America, and the minature replica of the Eiffel Tour you got in Las Vegas. A “cel phone ear piece, USB cable, and oil canvases” are not trinkets nor ornamental articles. That stuff is just crap.

FREE * TRUCK RUSTY old truck from the 1930’s. Missing motor,hood,windows and more. (SEE PIC)This truck was used for parts. There is NO PAPERWORK. It is a 2 ton dual axel flatbed. Tires are low.There is another axel and a few extra split rims and tires that go with it.If interested Go down alley to end of fence where the double gates are you can see the truck.(honk,yell someone will come out) We are in the back house.* PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB TENANTS IN FRONT HOUSE. *

That sounds like alot of new unrusty vehicles I’ve seen advertised.

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  1. Nick

    >”Do you want to buy my truck?”

    “By truck, do you mean that?”

    “Yeah, do you wanna buy it?”

    “That’s not a truck.”


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