>Couple Sentenced for Hiring Son a Stripper – Yahoo! News

>What the hell? They got a stripper for their 16 year old son. This is from the article:

Pharris said after being arrested that she tried to do something special for her son.

“We even had grandpa there,” she said.


4 thoughts on “>Couple Sentenced for Hiring Son a Stripper – Yahoo! News

  1. popfizz

    >i would rather have a naked girl at my parties than a clown. clowns scare me and they like to put their willies in places that willies should not go.

  2. Balloon Pirate

    >Stuff like this pises me off. Female teachers seducing their students…

    Parents hiring strippers for their sons…

    Why the hell wasn’t this happening when I was a kid?


  3. indygirl

    >One of my girlfriends’ parents did the same for her 21st birthday party. She was mortified. Her boyfriends entire family was there too.


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