>CNN.com – Barbara Bush: Relocation ‘working very well’ for poor – Sep 6, 2005

>Let me just play arm chair psychologist for a moment: I think we now know why George Bush is so messed up. Is Barbara Bush just STUPID or mean? If she had a better sense of fashion I’d think she might be Marie Antoinette reincarnated.

I keep trying to stop writing about this whole Katrina nightmare, but the clusterfuck that is the Bush Administration just can’t seem to get it.

I was curious to know how the rest of the world saw good old Babs’ comments when I came across this:

“For God’s sake, are you blind?” a woman shouted at Michael Brown, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). “You’re patting each other on the back, while people here are dying.”
The woman was not a victim of Hurricane Katrina. She was a reporter with US television network MSNBC who was so affected by the misery she had witnessed she could hold back no longer.

Right on! How did I miss hearing about that? Who was the chick that went agro on Brown? I’d love to see more images/hear more stories of people who just lose it and start yelling at Chertoff or Bush.

By the way, has anyone seen the Magic Bullet headline the Bush Administration keeps yammering about? Since this is the evidence they are using for their argument, it should be presented. But,even if they did present the evidence, their logic doesn’t hold. Things should have been ready to lock and load before the hurricane hit. We all know they had fair warning. The beat goes on…let’s see where this dance takes us. I personally am hoping for an impeachment hearing. I think Congress is too pussy to do it though.

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