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>In my haste to go to my parents’ house, I forgot to pack underwear and socks. So, I had to buy some in the rush of the weekend. The only place I had time to stop at was Longs Drugstore. They only had granny panties. I’ve never in my life worn such HUGE underwear. I swear they almost go up to my boobs. Who buys these ugly things on purpose? They suck all the sex appeal right out of you. Who would want that? I already feel unattractive most of the time. Add giant white underwear to the mix and I might as well just learn to crochet and get a few cats.

2 thoughts on “>Cleanliness over beauty…

  1. Mike Abernathy


    Think of the possibilities though? Carry a bottle of helium along with it and inflate them to fly away in case of emergency? Or, need to move some contraband throught the airport (like, say, a small SUV)? No Problem.

    If you feel like something like grannywear takes the sex appeal right out of you? My one comment would be “Trust your feelings!” 😉

    Oh well, unless you dress substantially more risque than would seem to suit you, you don’t have much fear of anyone seeing those until they are already hooked – just don’t forget to turn the lights out before you strip if wearing them….. LOL

  2. xcell

    >There is one thing I find a worse turnoff than granny panties : parachutes.

    You know, like from Roadtrip and shallow al…

    >_< Ok, mental image, not good…


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