>Christmas Thankfulness

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>Ok, in an attempt to bring me out of the pool of despair I have been wading in for the past few days, I decided to list my Christmas gifts:

  1. Wireless HP Printer – Now I can sit on my couch while watching Lost and not only surf the web, but print out naked pictures of Matthew Fox.
  2. $50 iTunes Gift Card – Whenever I feel down, I’ll just start looking for those songs I have not yet added to my music collection, like the Spencer Davis Group Gimme Some Lovin’ or Brother Cane’s Got No Shame.
  3. Kate Spade iPod mini case – What can I say, it’s the first authentic Kate Spade item I’ve owned and it’s pink to match my iPod.
  4. $25 Sephora Gift Card – NARS eyeshadow here I come!

2 thoughts on “>Christmas Thankfulness

  1. SFChick74

    >If you have a woman in your life, it’s best if you know who Kate Spade is. She’ll probably want one of her purses or accessories.


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