>Christmas Party Time

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>On Friday is my company’s Christmas party. It’s in San Francisco and there is an open bar. This will be the first big company party I’ve attended. If anything, it should be good people watching. I’m sure someone will make an ass out of themselves. With free booze, it’s almost guaranteed. I just hope it’s not me. One time, I got so drunk at a Christmas party I started eating my dinner salad with my hands.

3 thoughts on “>Christmas Party Time

  1. Odiwan

    >watching coworkers get drunk makes me sad, but is very entertaining, and i love to see them enter the offce the next work day with all the shame and guilt they carry with them.

    silverware gets in the way sometimes, a steak is just as good ripped apart by your hands.

  2. Nick

    >if eating dinner salad with your hands is the standard by which making an ass out of yourself is determined, i’ve made an ass out of myself at every party i’ve ever attended i guess


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