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>I was reading Sonic Reducer‘s blog where he had a blurb about Slash and Axl. That got me wondering about Chinese Democracy, the mythological album by the band formerly known as Guns ‘n Roses. I saw that wikipedia had an entry…please enjoy the following:

NBA star Shaquille O’Neal guest rapped with the band in the studio. After a chance meeting with the band in a recording studio, the hoops great took a break from his own session and rapped over a GNR track with the band. “I saw Guns N’ Roses listed on the bulletin board in the lobby of the studio so I stuck my head in to check it out,” says Shaq. “They asked me to join them, so I started freestylin’ over their track. It was the first time I ever performed with a rock group, and it felt good.” The track Shaq worked on will reportedly not be included on Chinese Democracy, but instead, one of its “sequels” to the album that Axl has planned.

I’m sorry, am I high or did I just read that Shaq is going to be on a GNR album?

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy Appetite for Destruction. I didn’t get into the Illusion albums and probably never will. They were the beginning of the end of a great band. I’m only interested in this new train wreck of Axl’s merely for the schadenfreude factor. I think Amazon had the release date correct. 2025 seems to be about right.

2 thoughts on “>Chinese Democracy

  1. Cactus Prick

    >Good lord, they’re like an athlete that could have gone out on a high note, but just didn’t know when to quit.

    It’s so easy, easy.

  2. Sonic Reducer

    >There are good songs on the Use Your Illusion albums, but probably just enough for one album instead of 2. The problem is that they tend towards the over the top drama of November Rain…

    If that album ever does come out I predict it will sell very poorly. Axl is one crazy Mother Trucker.


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