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>Liz Taylor – You’re 74 years old. Who cares about your reason for getting dressed? Who cares if you like to eat? Why are you even in the news? Wait, I forgot. You’re cuckoo! I’m sorry. That was “horribly critical” of me. I guess sane people get married 8 times.

Michael Jackson – Am I the only one who is done with him? I don’t care if he bilked some gay porn producer out of millions. I’m sick of his sad brand of crazy.

Anne Coulter – Speaking of crazy people I’m sick of hearing about. Anne the Scary is certifiable, so it’s possible that she’ll do anything to get more crazy in the world. I wouldn’t put it past her to plagiarize.

2 thoughts on “>Celebrities Gone Wild

  1. jsull28fl

    >I’m with you on MJ. Who cares. Except maybe the young boys he fondled. He should go to France they can stomach sick folks like him. The Ann C thing, can you believe hpow many books she sold?? She figured out what most Republicans/conservatives havent. The Libs have mad a huge amout of money by just saying crazy idiotic things, Ann did too! The sad thing is that both of the crazy fringes of politics believe what these nuts say.


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