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Apple sued over iTunes’ exclusivityApple Computer Inc. is being sued by an iTunes user who is unhappy that she can’t play music on other company’s players that she has bought through the service.

Seriously, if Sony made a CD that could only be played on Sony players there would be an uproar of anti-trust angst. I also am interested in why this only appears in the Business Journal and not on the AP or Reuters wire.

Not only am I pissed off that I can’t listen to music I’ve paid for on a device other than my iPod or computer, but I’m also unhappy with the fact that if I don’t use my iPod on a daily basis, the iTunes songs won’t play. There is still a charge on the device giving it power and the songs I’ve burned on to it from a CD work, but those damn acc files or whatever they are refuse to lay idle longer than 24 hours or so. I have to reconnect my iPod to my computer and have it update before the iTunes will play again.

I’ve looked for help on this issue on the iPod support site only to be told that I need to reinstall the Windows operating system. Yeah, right! I’ve looked at the forums only to read that my problem is too rare for Apple to deign looking into creating a fix. Too rare? I know of six people who have the same problem, none of whom use the same computer to update their devices. Granted my sample might be a bit small, but that doesn’t seem very rare to me.

Anyone else have this issue?

3 thoughts on “>Can I get in on this?

  1. Green Fish

    >I am a huge apple fan, iPod, iMac, Safari, the whole nine yards. But I also have a real problem with the whole iTunes thing. I have no desire to steal music from my favorite artists but I have an issue with Apple’s blatant controls over the rights of ownership of something I have purchased. No one can tell me where to use the DVDs, CDs, an books I pay for, but they think they can do just that with iTunes store stuff. My solution?….I don’t buy shit from iTunes anymore.

  2. Petra

    >I don’t have this problem and I’ve transferred tons of files to my ipod. Some from burned CDs, Original CDs as well as iTunes songs. I do have the default on my iTunes thingy set to make all files into mp3s. Maybe that makes a difference.


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