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>Am I the only one who remembers that a group of states tried this secession thing back in the 1800’s and failed? Just in case you forgot, there was this huge war where a ton of people died. Do we really want that to happen again? Besides, as much as half of the rest of the country is nuts, that doesn’t mean we should just pick up and leave it.

Seriously, instead of acting like a spoiled brat who isn’t getting their way, California should act like an adult and go, “Ok, what can we do to improve our situation here?” Yes, alot of people in other states don’t respect us, but how can you expect them to when our state has the Terminator for its governor? We fall for a well produced media campaign every time, just like people in other states did with the gay marriage thing.

As upset as I am with this election and the way California is treated by the current administration, I am not willing to leave the country itself. Our efforts would be better spent improving ourselves and our country instead of just fleeing from it. Besides, that joker will only be in office for 4 more years. Is it really worth 4 years of stupidity to leave the country forever?

Yeah, I’ve heard all the pro-California rhetoric. We have an economy similar to many other whole countries. Our state is big enough to fit in a bunch of other smaller states. I like how that above website uses the stem cell initiative that passed as an example of how forward thinking and individual Californians are, please spare me.

As much as I support stem cell research, I am not dumb enough to fall for a slick advertising campaign started by private companies, so they can use government funds in any way they choose. We “forward thinking” Californians felt the need to give $3 billion to private companies for research. Where the hell is this money coming from? Did anyone even ASK that when they voted for the initiative? And if we have $3 billion to spare, how about doing something a little more practical for the community with that money like fixing the goddamn Bay Bridge? Or maybe we should try spending that money to improve our schools so kids can learn to read and write better than our President?

But, as frustrated as I am with Californians and this country as a whole, I’m not going to leave either place. It seems to me that people have shut down their minds because they are wallowing in fear. I feel as though September 11th made this country more afraid than it’s ever been and in doing so, make some poor choices. It’s time to rise above that fear and live life with a clear view of what’s going on locally and in the world. I am staying in this country and state, hoping to inspire people to do the same.

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  1. Nick

    >That IS silly. I’m from Texas and if anyone ever brings up seceeding around here, they’re obviously joking. And we’re the only state that actually has a constitutional right to seceed. We fly our flag at the same height as the American flag. I’d say that if we’re willing to accept being a state, California should as well.


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